WebOPAC Goals and Objectives

  1. To revise, modify and maintain the appearance of the MLN WebOPAC.
    • research and review other iii WebOPAC sites
    • make a list of the features and designs that we want to incorporate
    • revise the site on the staging port of the web server
    • present this revised site to the executive board and membership of the MLN for input
    • finalize the site by copying it over to the live port of the web server
  2. To investigate and make recommendations about the various WebOPAC functions.
    • determine how patron holds work in the WebOPAC; make recommendations for modifying this function.
    • review the options offered on the various drop-down menus; make recommendations.....
    • make the search drop-down menus consistent throughout the site
    • make recommendations about which search pages should be the default.
  3. To recommend policies for the formation of individual library front (home) WebOPAC pages.
    • all must have the MLN logo?
    • template for style?
    • content?