WebOPAC Committee Minutes
January 11, 2005

The WebOPAC committee met in the Network Services meeting room on January 11, 2005.  The full committee was present along with Erica Reed from Marion County Public Library.

Erika Reed very kindly showed us some CSS and DHTML information, which will help us to customize the OPAC .  We reviewed a number of iii WebOPAC sites and discussed coding, style sheets and other technical stuff.

The committee concurred with the recommendations made by Robin and Kay at the first meeting on general style ideas for the OPAC.

  • include both a dropdown menu and separate links for choosing search options
  • design a clean and simple first page with more detailed information available via links or mouse-overs
  • make the icons more library oriented, i.e., a backback instead of a shopping cart for storing saved items.

Current issues:

  • How to make a featured list, and is that a system wide feature or can it be scoped?
  • drafting actual layouts for review
    • can be sketched on paper, or drafted in html
    • should be sent to Kay to incorporate or loaded to the staging port for review.
  • addtional examples of iii OPACs should be added to the link list on the yahoo groups page we set up for the committee's convenience.
  • policy and procedures for libraries wanting to design their own individual WebOPAC pages later on.

Changes to be made on current WebOPAC:

  • correct brown on brown headers on dynamic search result pages
  • remove the dropdown location choice on patron hold page and default to patron location for pickup.

Next meeting is scheduled for 2/28/2005 at 10:30am in the Network Services meeting room.