You may have seen this e-mail message from Emilee Seese.  But in case you did not:
  1. Patrons on-the-fly are now disabled.  The circulation committee decided to disable patrons on-the-fly after October.  If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact anyone on the Circulation Committee. 

  2. There are a few rules that are not being followed by everyone. 

    • You must use a patron barcode when checking out or renewing materials.

    Explanation:  If you are going to take any action on a patron record,  you must use the barcode, i.e., the patron card to call it up.  You must not call the record up by the patron name. 

    •  Never remove a patron that has been entered by another library.

    • Never change a patron type for a patron who has not moved.

    •  Full middle names are expected on patron records when at all possible.  If you are unable to get a full middle name, NMN  must be entered.

    • Telephone numbers must include the area code and should be in the following format: 304-643-2717.

    •  The Unique ID is the Driver's License number and should be entered with the state abbreviation first followed by the license number with no spaces in-between.  WVC859375   FL9994028573 

In order to make this system work, we need to follow the same rules.  Please let me or anyone on the Circulation Committee know if you are having any problems or have any questions.

Thank you!