Implementation Committee


  • Systems manager: Larry Arnold 
    phone# 304-485-3750

  • Network and IT People: Larry Arnold
    Mike Wilson 
    phone# 304-420-4587 xt14
    Harlan White
    phone# 800-642-9021 xt.2002
    Kay McCoy

  • Web OPAC: Kay McCoy, Fayette County 
    phone# 304-465-5564.

  • Cataloging / Data: Christy Carver, Greenbrier County 
    phone# 304-647-7568.

  • Circulation: Johnnie King, Sophia branch of RCPL 
    phone# 304-683-5990.

  • Acquisitions: Robin Shapiro, Bluefield State College
    phone# 304-327-4052.

  • Serials: Judy Stemple, Vienna Library 
    phone# 304-295-7771.

  • Project Manager: Brian Raitz, Parkersburg
    phone# 304-420-4587 xt.11

Innovative team members:

  • Monica Brady,
    Implementation Consultant (data profiling and indexing)

  • Carol Ann Wanska,
    Technical Support Specialist (hardware setup and site preparation)

  • Norma Layton,
    System Specialist (software setup)

  • Gloria Zinky,
    Training Consultant (on-site training and software functionality)
    Julie Dore
    phone:  215-487-1093  fax:  215-487-1094

  • Deborah Lazio,
    Project Manager (team leader, overall project scheduling and tracking)

  • Robert Carini,
    Co-Project Manager (team leader, overall project scheduling and tracking)



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