Executive Board

December 2003 Minutes




December 11, 2003


Call to order

The meeting was called to order by Acting Chair, Ann Farr. In attendance were Ann Farr, Nancy Moore, Judy Gunsaulis, Myra Ziegler , Suzette Lowe, Emily Seese, Brian Raitz, Danny McMillion, Cherie Davis, Phyllis Auvil, Stephen Rowe, and Karen Goff representing the WV Library Commission.


Nancy Moore moved that the minutes of the November 6, 2003 General Membership meeting be approved. Cherie Davis seconded. Motion carried.

The question arose about the membership status of War Library who has not submitted a membership agreement. Karen Goff stated that the WV Library Commission will contact War and impress upon them the importance of signing the agreement and turning it in to the executive board.

Election of Officers

Suzette Lowe moved and Nancy Moore seconded the motion that due to the timing of the first election the term of the first executive board will run from December 2003 to July 2005. It was agreed by consensus.

Nancy Moore moved, with Cherie Davis seconding, that Judy Gunsaulis be elected Chair of the MLN Executive Board. Judy was elected by acclamation.

Phyllis Auvil moved, with Cherie Davis, seconding that Ann Farr be elected Chair-Elect. Cheri Davis, with Nancy Moore seconding, moved that the vote be by acclamation. Motion carried.

Nancy Moore moved, with Emily Seese seconding, that Suzette Lowe be elected Secretary. Emily Seese, with Cherie Davis seconding, moved that the vote be acclamation. Motion carried.



The question arose concerning membership on the board of small and medium library representatives. The members elected from the small and medium libraries were asked to decide between them which member would serve until May 2005 and which until May 2006. They will report their decision at the January meeting of the Executive Board.

Old Business

Current State of Conversion/Migration

Brian Raitz reported the following :

The data clean up and system migration is on schedule so far. He reported that to date there have been no surprises.

Edmund Rose of GIS has several reports ready including a call number report for every data base which Brian will send to individual libraries. Brian and Christy will look at the MARC tags the MLN wants to use prior to migration. Individual libraries will be contacted. Holding tags (845 field) will move to the 945 field.

Brian will talk to Heather Campbell, cataloger for the WV Library Commission, concerning use of uniform MARC tags.

Subject headings that are not correct LC subjects, but which individual libraries have used in the past, will be moved to the searchable item field.

The number of brief records still in the data base : 85,000 out of 943,000. About 40% of those have control numbers

Migration/cleanup is on schedule.

Innovative has contacted Brian about another piece of software that needs to be purchased for the server : an $800 C compiler software. The WV Library Commission will pay for it

Migration schedule : December 2003/January 1, 2004 – it will take 30 days to load data. Training will begin in February 2004 on actual library data.

Training : Brian is in the process of compiling a list of all the libraries’ staff that need particular training and passwords. Innovative has assigned another trainer so that 30 people can attend training rather than the original number of 15.

In February 2004, systems training will begin. Those attending will be a mixture of reference librarians, catalogers, and technical personnel. The first session will include fields of the database that will be searchable and OPAC design and training.

Indexing Training Participants (Tentative) : Christy Carver, Heather Campbell, Virginia Rubenstein, Kimberly Moore, Danny McMillion, Eva McGuire

OPAC training participants (Tentative) : Doug Moore, Lynn Pauley, Kay McCoy, Eva McGuire

Technical staff : Larry Arnold, Harlan White, Cris Spradling, and Carl Hackworth

Future training sessions include :

February 3, 4 & 5, 2004 : Web OPAC, Profile Evaluation of Database, Systems administration, and Circulation parameters profiling discussion.

March 30 & 31, 2004 : Cataloging

April 13 & 14, 2004 : Circulation

A request was made for more detail as to what each training session will address. It was suggested that Judy call Karen Arnett of Kanawha County Library to act as consultant.

Danny McMillion announced that she would like Johnnie King to be trained in circulation on the new system. After she is trained Danny is willing to loan her to any of the libraries in the southern region to serve as a circulation trainer for library staff. Raleigh County Public Library is willing to pay all costs incurred up to $10,000.

Patron Cards

Suzette Lowe reported that 90% of the libraries in the MLN have verbally agreed to use the universal MLN patron card. A few libraries have not responded as of this meeting. Each library will have a unique patron library card number that will not duplicate any other library. Patron numbers will be 14 digits. Item bar codes will also be unique 14 digit numbers. Suzette will contact Innovative to see if there are any special requirements for the software. Suzette was to meet with J.D. Waggoner, WVLC Executive Secretary, to discuss and decide the issue of patron and item barcode ranges. Member libraries are interested in ordering approximately 190,000 cards. Suzette hopes to decide by mid January on the appearance. The bid process will take a considerable amount of time and we will need the finished product by May.

It was the consensus of the Board that Larry Arnold be asked to experiment with colors for the logo which will go on the patron cards, the MLN webpage, and any official letterheads.


New Business

Possible New Members

On December 3, 2003, Judy Gunsaulis, along with J. D. Waggoner and Denise Ash of the WV Library Commission, attended a meeting at which various community colleges discussed a new proposed facility in southern West Virginia. This facility would incorporate an electronic library serving various colleges in the region. The colleges, including Marshall Graduate Center, Southern Community College, are interested in joining the MLN.

Possible issues include :

What databases would Marshall Graduate Center and the other colleges bring to the MLN and would the public libraries be allowed to use them?

How can new members be added after the MLN has purchased licenses?

What would be the expense of adding more simultaneous users?

The size of the MLN would be increasing – is this feasible?

The executive board membership might have to be adjusted to give more representation to the colleges/universities.

Will colleges and universities be willing to follow the by-laws and rules of the MLN?

The positive aspects include :

This would be of use to public library patrons, many of whom attend the schools in question

Database sharing if the colleges/universities allow

Vendor negotiation is easier with more libraries

Grant writing would be easier due to the broad consortium and expertise the colleges would provide.

The MLN bylaws state that if an institution wishes to join the MLN they submit an application. The issue is then brought before the executive committee for a vote to admit them. Innovative says they are willing and able to add or delete scopes, but we are currently limited to 170 users. That may effect the growth of the Mountain Library Network. If an institution decides they want to join, they need to send a formal letter of application with a proposal for membership. The compatibility of their existing software and hardware will need to be investigated at their expense. Anyone interested in joining the MLN will need to work in close contact with Innovative, WVLC, and the MLN.

The question arose concerning addressing, in the MLN by-laws, the cost of adding new libraries to the network. The consensus of the Board was that the decision will be made on a case by case basis.

It was the consensus of the board that Chair Judy Gunsaulis contact the interested colleges concerning a formal letter of application. The MLN Executive Board is open to the proposition of adding more libraries with the understanding that any new members must abide by the rules and by-laws of the MLN, that any cost would be covered by the incoming library, and that all decision would be contingent on the hardware and software capabilities.


It was the consensus of the Board that the Circulation and Cataloging Committees propose a final document for approval at the next Executive Board meeting in January 2004. Danny McMillion suggested that there be a way of amending the cataloging and circulation policy.

All approved policy documents will be published and put on the MLN website.

Nancy Moore moved, with Emily Seese seconding, that the Cataloging Committee and Circulation Committee be standing committees. Motion carried.

Suggestions for members of the two committees should be made to Chair Judy Gunsaulis by January 26th, 2004.

The next meetings of the Executive Board will be January 26, 2004 and February 24, 2004 at the WV Library Commission in Charleston.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 p.m.