October 4, 2004


I.                   Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 10:03 a.m. by chair Judy Gunsaulis. Board members in attendance were Suzette Lowe, Judy Gunsaulis, Nancy Moore, Brian Raitz, Myra Ziegler, Stephen Rowe, Phyllis Auvil, Ann Farr, Cherie Davis, Emilee Seese, and Danny McMillion. Also attending were Cathy Ash, Nancy L. Moore, Sharon Mallow, Sharon Turner, Kimberly Moore, Cathy Eastham, Sandy Bumgarner, Kathy Ream, Mary Sigmon, and WVLC technician Tammy Richards.


II.                Minutes

The minutes of the July meeting were approved with the addition of adding a statement concerning the amount of money ($1500) committed by Concord University and Bluefield State College to paying for the Innovative training.


III.             Committee Reports

A.    Cataloging Committee

Suzette Lowe, chair of the Cataloging Committee, reported that the main issues that are under discussion deal with serials, large print multiple ISBNs resulting in non-large print books being attached to large print records, and concerns about duplicate bibliographic records and editing.


B.    Circulation Committee

Emilee Seese, chair of the Circulation Committee, reported that the main issues facing circulation are using the correct agency code, requiring library cards for checkout, and being definite about issuing one card per patron (not one of each type of card).


Another major issue involves loan period. Emilee stated that the committee agreed that a patron type can be changed as needed, but the patron and the library must keep in mind that loan rule and patron type determine the remote hold capability. The question arose as to whether a patron should be allowed to choose which library he or she is a patron of – this will impact remote reserves.


A question that needs to be addressed is how colleges are to handle a professor’s personal books that students are allowed to use.


A request was made by the board that some sort of central document be placed on the web page telling what types of materials each library will or will not loan.




One problem with patron cards has arisen concerning Vienna Library. Each of the patrons in the old VTLS database were given the MLN prefix patron number attached to the old VTLS ending number. This is causing a problem with libraries thinking patrons have new MLN cards when they actually don’t.


Emilee presented the updated circulation policy for approval. Brain Raitz moved, with Nancy Moore seconding, that the circulation policy be approved. Motion carried.


Other issues discussed was the need to make sure that any global changes are discussed with all libraries affected by those changes.


It was suggested that Kay McCoy and Mike Wilson talk to Erica Reed at Taylor County Library about OPAC issues.


IV.              Old Business

A.    Innovative Final Payment

A number of the issues the Board was concerned about before making the final payment have been addressed. These incude the OCLC download capability, circulation options files, modules freezing up. Future training in ILL has been promised but the board feels that this needs to be in writing. The label program is not running correctly. Tammy Richards is working on getting the software that will work with the label program. One major component that has not been completed is the authority record work. Danny McMillion made the motion, with Nancy Moore seconding, that 10% of the final payment be withheld until this authority work is completed.


B.    Barcode Duplications

The two libraries that need to address this are Mason County and Summersville. The director of Mason County has given word that they are working on the issue. Ann Farr suggested waiting until the new director is hired at Summersville before addressing this issue more completely.


C.    Interlibrary Loan Training

The choices that Innovative have given for ILL training are (1) Webx in December in which more people can attend or (2) on-site training when in January 2005 when the northern group has their training. Nancy Moore made the motion, with Emilee Seese seconding, that we accept the on-site training.







D.    New Members – Procedures and Policies

Two colleges, Osteopathic School of Medicine and New River Community and Technical College are potential new members. The board agreed upon the following : the new members could not duplicate records, would have to pay for training and any additional hardware, would have to pay for data conversion. It was agreed that Judy Gunsaulis write a letter to J. D. Waggoner, executive director of the WVLC and to the two colleges outlining the board’s concerns and requirements.


A question for the future is how to handle new applications and the issues they bring with them.


V.                 New Business

A.    Authority Work Timeline and Funding

Eva McGuire is heading up the authority work project. GIS did the initial clean up of the records that were migrated and then subcontracted to LTI for authority work. The list of the services provided by LTI were made available to each board member.


The MLN has more bibliographic records that the contract allows. Any authority work for these additional bibs will incur additional costs. Duplicate bibs cause a problem. Additional costs will be added if we want Children’s Subject Headings, Genre, and Series authority work.


The process will take about 10 weeks. During that time period, new records can be added, items can be added to existing records, but no bibs can be deleted.


The question arose concerning how long GIS will honor the price in their quote. The problem is the longer we wait, the more bibs will be added.


It was decided that December 1, 2004 will be the deadline for working on deleting and merging duplicate bibs. A committee was set up to work on this project. Those appointed to the committee were Eva McGuire, Suzette Lowe, Thresa Prunty, Christy Carver, Hazel Stewart, Judy Gunsaulis, Kimberly Moore, and Cherie Davis. The chair of the committee will be Eva McGuire.


Judy Gunsaulis will check with J. D. Waggoner of the WVLC to see if there is any more funding available for this project. She will also see if she can get a more definite cost.






B.    Problems with the System

1.      Advanced Boolean – locks up the system in circulation

2.      Advanced Boolean – doesn’t give results in OPAC

3.      The message “bib information couldn’t be loaded” is appearing on the OPAC


C.    Innovative Add-Ons

1.      Inventory Scanner ($3100) to do an inventory uniform call numbers are needed

2.      Camera for photo id on library card ($5000) – the problem before was it wasn’t working well. Judy Gunsaulis did find a library where the add-on was working well.


In a general discussion at the end of the meeting, it was suggested that a request for Budget Digest funds be made from the consortia. The issue of local notes was discussed with Suzette stating that local notes are now able to be searched in circulation, cataloging, and OPAC.


The meeting was adjourned.


The next meeting will be December 6 at 10:00 a.m. at the South Charleston Library.