Cataloging Policy

Mountain Library Network Cataloging Committee  


I.                   Committee Status

The Mountain Library Network Cataloging Committee will be a permanent committee.

 II.                Standards

The Mountain Library Network (MLN) follows the AACR2 2002 Revision according to LC Rule Interpretation and MARC 21 guidelines. The MLN uses Library of Congress Subject Heading list and follows Library of Congress practices with a few MLN exceptions. The Mountain Library Network public libraries and school libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme but allow local library exceptions. Academic institutions within the MLN may use the Library of Congress Classification System.

III.             Subject Headings

Library of Congress Subject Headings will be the headings list used by the Mountain Library Network. Any exceptions or modifications to these headings must be brought before the Cataloging Committee. No local subject headings or local specific information will be added to the MARC record. This information will be allowed on the individual library’s item record that is keyword searchable.

IV.              Various Edition of Books  

Varying editions of books (i.e. paperbacks, book club, large print, etc.) which have different physical or publishing information must be cataloged separately.

 V.                 General Material Designation (GMD)

GMDs must be used when appropriate and placed in the proper location, after the main title of the work. The MLN will use the AACR2 2002 Revision GMD list. Any exceptions to those designations will be determined by the Cataloging Committee. Definitions of GMDs will be determined and provided.

VI.              Fixed Fields

All appropriate fixed fields are required.

 VII.           Training

Only those catalogers who have completed MLN cataloging training will be allowed to catalog items in the Mountain Library Network. Catalogers will be trained at various levels.

Definitions of the levels are as follows :

Level 1 : A Level One cataloger may make no changes to a bibliographic record.  Level one catalogers may enter, edit, and delete item records for their local library only.

Level 2 : may download records that meet the standards designated in the "Standards" section of this policy. A Level Two cataloger may make modifications to the downloaded bibliographical record.

Level 3 : may catalog original materials 

The Mountain Library Network will provide training for new catalogers in the consortium. A method will be provided to determine the cataloger's level of certification and password access. Level 1 and 2 cataloging training will be offered in the spring and fall of each year. Level 3 cataloging training will be offered in the spring of each year. Small to medium libraries may have one Level 3 cataloger ; Large libraries may have up to two Level 3 catalogers. The designation of "small, medium, or large" libraries follows the standards set by the WV Library Commission.

 Catalogers must add their initials (2 letter location code followed by 3 letters of the catalogers' initials) in the 952 field for the following : (1) when any change is made to an existing record, no matter how minor ; (2)when overlaying a record ; (3) when copying/downloading a remote record ; (4)when creating an original record. The initials are to be in lower case followed by a comma.

VIII.        Passwords

Passwords will be given to each designated cataloger, based on the level of MLN cataloging training completed. Training will be provided by the MLN and the WV Library Commission.

IX.              Serials

Serials/Periodicals will be added to the serials module. Interested Level 2 and 3 catalogers will be trained and allowed to enter and/or update serial records under the same restrictions as bibliographic records. All cataloging levels (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3), with supplemental serials training, will be allowed to add local holdings information.

 X.                 No Record Found

Level 2 catalogers who cannot find a matching record to download  must send the item to a designated Level 3 Cataloger for original cataloging.

 XI.              Hierarchy of Sources for Records

If the record is not found in the Mountain Library Network catalog :

A.     Access the Library of Congress or OCLC (if a paid member)

B.     Access the WV Library Commission

C.     Access Kanawha County Library

D.   Access Cabell County Library

E.      Other selected libraries will be linked on the MLN web page

F.      The Superintendent of Documents (SUDOC) may be accessed and downloaded if the record meets the standards outlined in this policy

G.     If a Level 2 or Level 3 Cataloger finds a more complete record for an item than exists in the MLN catalog, then that cataloger may overlay the existing record.

 XII.           Removal of Bibliographic Record

In an attempt to maintain the accuracy of the MLN catalog database, any Level 2 or 3 Cataloger may remove a bibliographic record if no item is attached to that record.

 XIII.        Duplicate Bibliographic Records

Catalogers must check the MLN database for an existing record before creating or downloading a new record. The cataloger is then to add their local item to the existing record after making any appropriate changes to that bibliographic record. If no record is found that matches the item in hand, downloading or creation of a record is necessary. Duplicate bibliographic records are not an acceptable standard for the MLN database.

 XIV.         Procedures

The MLN cataloging committee will establish cataloging procedures for various types of materials. These procedures will be made available to all Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 catalogers. The cataloging committee will select a limited number of Level 3 catalogers for permission to use the global update and rapid update functions.

XV.            Review

The Cataloging Committee recommends that a cataloging review process be designed and implemented. Any cataloger finding an irregular record will report the irregularity to the Cataloging Committee for review. General questions should be forwarded to the MLN Cataloging ListServ moderated by the West Virginia Library Commission's professional cataloger.