Setting Macros in Millennium Cataloging.

Macros are shortcuts for parts of the item/bib record that you type in a lot. They can be temporary (for the session you're in right then - such as a series that you're cataloging) or permanent for things you use all the time.

After you've logged in to millennium cataloging :

  1. Click on "Admin" and then "Settings"
  2. Click on the Macro tab.  Notice that by default:
    1. F1 brings up the Millennium Control Bar
    2. F2 brings up the Quick Edit
    3. F3 brings up Global Update
    4. F4 brings up Rapid Update
    5. F5, F6, F7 and F9 are available for you to make up what you want; for example, if you type "bibliographical references and index." for F5, then pressing F5 will automatically type that phrase where ever the curser is placed.
  3. Make the changes or additions that you want. 
  4. Click on OK for changes to be temporary (just for that session) OR
  5. Click "save settings" for permanent changes.  

NOTE that these changes are saved with your login.  Anytime and anyplace that you login with your initials, you will have those macros available to you.    Realize that if you share a login with someone else, you will have to reach an agreement, otherwise you will each be overwriting the others' macros.