MLN ILL Preferences

1B - Bluefield State College- Hardway Library
Contact Joanna Thompson
Phone 304-327-4054 or 304-327-4563
Fax 304-327-4203 (contact before trying to fax)

Do NOT loan Reference Materials, Bound Periodicals, or A/V Materials

1N - New River Community and Technical College Library
Contact Robert Coston
Phone 304-647-6575
Fax 304-647-6592
 Do NOT loan Reference Materials, Bound Periodicals, or select A/V Materials

 2C - Concord University - J. Frank Marsh Library
                        Phone 304-384-5375
                        Fax 304-384-7955

 Do NOT loan New items (6 months or less on shelf), Academic materials in high demand, Reference, West Virginia, Special Collection, and Oversized materials (Folio)

 3S - Sherman Jr. Sr. High School Library
            Contact Debbie Null
                        Phone 304-837-8286
                        Fax 304-837-7529
 Students are TOP priority - cannot loan anything if being used by a class.  We cannot loan during summer months while school is not in session.

4W- WVU Parkersburg Library
            Contact Lisa Gianettino
            Phone 304-424-8284
            Fax 304-424-8349

Do NOT Loan Reference Materials, Periodicals, or A/V Materials     

BN - Boone-Madison Public Library

            Madison - Contact Vonna Legg


                        Phone 304-369-7842

                        Fax 304-369-2950

            Barrett Wharton(BB)- Contact Janet White

                        Phone & Fax 304-247-6530

            Coal River (BC) - Contact

                        Phone & Fax 304-837-8437

            Whitesville(BW) -s Contact

                        Phone & Fax 304-854-0196

Do NOT loan Reference Materials, Deposit Books, Leased Books, Titles under one year old, Videos, or DVDs

 CM - Craft Memorial Library - including Mercer County Bookmobile (CB)
Contact Eva McGuire
                        Phone 304-325-3943
                        Fax 304-325-3702
Do NOT loan Magazines, Microfilm, or Reference Materials

 DW - Dora B. Woodyard Memorial Library  
            Contact Andrea Osborne
Phone & Fax 304-275-4295

Do NOT loan Leased Books, Audiobooks, Reference Materials, Some WV Materials, or DVDs

 EC- Calhoun County Library
            Contact Caitlin Weaver
                        Phone & Fax 304-354-6300           

Do NOT loan Reference Materials, Genealogy Materials, Videos, or DVDs

 FC - Fayette County Public Libraries
Ansted(FA)- Contact  Rene Nickell
                       Phone 304-658-5472
Fayetteville(FF)- Contact Randall Ballard
                        Phone 304-574-0070
            Meadow Bridge(FB) - Contact April Vaughn
                        Phone 304-484-7942s
Montgomery(FM) - Contact Gordon Kent
                        Phone 304-442-5665
Mt. Hope(FH) - Contact Pamela Bush 
                        Phone 304-877-3260

Oak Hill(FO) - Contact
                        Phone 304-469-9890
            Books by Mail/Headquarters(FC) - Contact Kim Massey
                        Phone 304-465-5664

Do NOT loan new items (under 6 months on shelf), Reference Materials, WV Materials, Genealogy Materials, Audiobooks, Periodicals, Microfilm, Videos, or DVDs

 GA - Alderson Public Library
            Contact Rose Kirby
                        Phone & Fax 304-445-7221

            Do NOT loan Reference Materials

GC- Greenbrier County Public Library
            Contact Christy Carver   
                        Phone 304-647-7568

                        Fax 304-647-7569

            Do NOT loan Reference Materials

 GO - Ronceverte Public Library
            Contact Cherie Davis
                        Phone 304-647-7400
                        Fax 304-647-7651           

Do NOT loan Reference or Non-Circulating Materials

 GR - Rainelle Public Library
            Contact Debra Goddard
                        Phone 304-438-3008
                        Fax  304-438-4450

           Do NOT loan reference materials

 GU- Rupert Public Library
            Contact Carol McClung<
                        Phone 304-392-6158
                        Fax 304-392-5460

            Do NOT loan Reference Material

GW - White Sulphur Springs Public Library
            Contact WSS Staff
                                    Phone 304-536-1171
                                    Fax 304-536-3801

            Do NOT loan Non-Circulation Material or Leased Audios

 HM - McDowell Public Library - including Welch, Brashaw(HB), Iaeger(HI), and Northfork(HN) >
            Contact Andrea Moorehead
                        Phone 304-436-3070

                        Fax 304-436-8079

           Do NOT loan Reference Materials, WV Books, DVDs or Videos

 IM - Monroe County Public Library
            Contact Ted Davis
                        Phone 304-772-3038
                        Fax 304-772-4052

            Do NOT loan Genealogy Materials

IP - Peterstown Public Library
            Contact Beulah Long 
Phone 304-753-9568
                        Fax 304-753-9684

            Do NOT loan Medical Reference, DVDs, or Titles less than 6 weeks old

 JC - Jackson County Public Library
Ripley - Contact Renna Thompson
                                     Phone 304-372-5343
            Fax 304-372-7935
Ravenswood- Contact Cindy Ginther
            Phone 304-273-5343
            Fax 304-273-5395

Do NOT loan Reference Materials, New items (under 6 months on shelf), Audiovisual items, Magazines, or Specialty collections (WV collection, Reference materials, Deposit materials)    

 LP - Pleasants County Public Library
Contact Mary
Phone 304-684-7494
Fax 304-684-7495
Do NOT loan Reference Materials, Titles less than 6 months old, Audios, CDs, DVDs, or Videos

 MC - Mason County Public Library - including Point Pleasant, Hannan (MH), Mason City (MM), & New Haven (MN)
Contact Cindy Williams     
                        Phone 304-675-0894
                        Fax 304-675-0895

Do NOT loan Reference Materials, Local History Materials, A/V Materials, or Titles less than 6 months old

 NC- Craigsville Public Library
            Contact Jo Ann Flynn
                       Phone 304-742-3532
Fax 304-742-6904   
Do NOT loan Reference Materials, titles less than 3 months old, Audios, CDs, DVDs, or Videos

 NR - Richwood Public Library
            Contact Robin Bartlett
                        Phone 304-846-6099

                        Fax 304-846-9290

            Do NOT loan Videos, DVDs, West Virginia Collection, reference materials or items less than 6 months old.

 NS - Summersville Public Library
            Contact Jason McClung
                        Phone 304-872-0844
                        Fax 304-872-0845

            Do NOT loan reference, titles less than 3 months old, or any A/V material

 OR - Ritchie County Public Library
Harrisville - Contact Thresa Prunty or Diana Lamp
Phone 304-643-2717  Fax 304-643-4019
Pennsboro(OP) - Contact Connie Frederick or Pam McCullough
                        Phone & Fax 304-659-2197
Books-By-Mail(OB) - Contact Diana Lamp
Phone 304-643-2717 extension 5 

Do NOT loan Reference Materials, Best Sellers, WV Materials, Genealogy Materials, Microfilm, or DVDs

 PC - Pocahontas County Free Libraries
            McClintic- Contact Pamela Johnson

                        Phone 304-799-6000
Fax 304-799-3988 
            Linwood Community Library-Contact Margaret Worth
                        Phone & Fax 304-572-2665 
            Hillsboro(PH) - Contact Elwood Groves
Phone 304-653-4936  Fax 304-653-4425
           Green Bank(PG) - Contact Hallie Herold
Phone 304-456-4507  Fax 304-456-3382
            Durbin Community Library-Contact Rebecca Garber
                        Phone & Fax-304-456-3142

Do NOT loan New Books, Reference Materials, Genealogy Materials, Deposit Books, Books on Tape, Videos, or DVDs

 QR- Roane County Public Library
Spencer - Contact Mary Minney
                                    Phone 304-927-1130
            Fax 304-927-1196

            Walton(QW)- Contact Debbie Greathouse
            Phone & Fax 304-577-6071

            Geary(QG) - Contact Sandy Morton
            Phone & Fax 304-565-4608
Do NOT loan Reference Materials, Genealogy Materials, Certain WV Materials, Deposit Books, Videos, DVDs, Magazines, Books on CD, Microfilm, Games, or Titles less than 6 months old

RC - Raleigh County Public Library
Beckley- Contact Barbara Fedders or Addie Gilkerson
Phone 304-255-0511
Fax 304-255-9161          
Shady Springs(RS) - Contact Carolyn Light
            Phone 304-763-2681
            Fax 304-763-3940 

            Sophia(RO) - Contact Amanda
            Phone 304-683-5990
            Fax 304-683-3124
Do NOT loan Reference Materials, Deposit Books, DVDs, Audiobooks, or Titles less than 6 months old

 SC - Summers County Public Library
            Contact Sherry Gwinn
                        Phone 304-466-4490
                        Fax 304-466-5260

            Do NOT loan Reference Materials

 WC - Parkersburg Wood County Public Library - including Williamstown(WL),
South(WS), Waverly(WW), and Bookmobile(WB)
Jeanne Michie
                        Phone 304-420-4587 ext. 517
                        Fax 304-420-4589

Do NOT loan New Books on the shelf less than 6 months, Ready Reference, Contractor Books, Genealogy Materials that do not circulate, Microfilm, Art Prints, Audio Visual Materials, and Non-circulating Materials.

 YC - Wyoming County Public Library
            Pineville - Contact Debbie Wimmer
                        Phone 304-732-6228
                        Fax 304-732-6899
Hanover(YH) - Contact Rachel Beavers
                        Phone & Fax 304-664-5580
Mullens(YM)- Contact Cindy Nuckolls
                        Phone & Fax 304-294-6687
Oceana(YO)- Contact Laura Mellon
                        Phone & Fax 304-682-6784

            Do NOT loan Reference Materials, Genealogy Materials, or New Books